After a spell in retirement, another organisation

           is taking on the business and will shortly be able

                 to offer the same fantastic event that is:

                          Pink Pig Racing

             For more information and enquiries about bookings,
           please use the "CONTACT US" page.  More news shortly.



                Hello and Welcome.

          I am most pleased to advise
          that Pink Pig Racing is alive
                    and well again.

Welcome to


Pink Pig Racing

South West
The Race Night with a Difference
All the Fun of Betting, Racing & Winning
If you are a Club, Charity, Organisation, or just want to raise
some money for a special event then  Pink Pig Racing  could
be the way to do it.
We will come to your location, bringing with us everything for you to have
a great night of fun and entertainment with our  Racing Pink Pigs.
We supply the Course, the  Pink Racing Pigs,
the Tote set up with  Betting Slips, a Sound System,
Music and a Clerk of the Course to MC the event.
Your guests will be able to become “Pig Owners” for each race, bet on
the outcome, select a Dual Forecast but most of all, they will be able to
have Good Old Fashioned FUN.
The winner is the first pig to cross the line. Winning owners receive a
Winner Rosette and an agreed fee. Betting Winners get a percentage
of the income, dependant upon the Winner being a Favourite or an Outsider.
The Winner of the Dual Forecast will win handsomely. Up to £45 on a £1 bet.
We usually run eight races with an special additional 9th Race.
The “Pig Owners” for the ninth race are selected by auction
with half of the money raised going to the winning owner.
For some events, where you may have a presentation evening or wish
to pause for catering etc, it may be better to run only 6 or 7 races
Our  Pink Racing Pigs  usually race all over South West England
but can travel further by request. We have been to Wales, Salisbury
Heathrow, Bath, Cornwall and many more places.
All of our pigs have been personally selected, they are all fully
trained  and will arrive having been brushed, fed and watered and
we guarantee that they will not make a mess on your carpet.
Please note that we run a “Kindness to  Pink Racing Pigs” policy.
We always bring spare  Pink Racing Pigs  so that no one pig is over
raced and be subject to a Vet’s Enquiry.

For a video presentation of our  Pink Pigs Racing
see our RACING PIGS”  page.
We have also included some "Out-takes" for your amusement.
For a special night of PIG RACING contact us now.
We regret that our Pink Racing Pigs are not suitable for Weddings or Fetes etc.
For more info, have a look at our “OTHER INFORMATION” page
where some of your questions may have already been answered.
For details of how to get in touch with the Pink Pigs, please go to
our “CONTACT US” page and send us your enquiry.
Please use the same section to request a booking.
We have recently been able to help a number of charities to raise funds
for some very good causes but it does take some effort on your behalf.
You would need a minimum of 50, but better with 100 or more people to
make your event profitable. Why not speak to us now for more information.
Tel:  01803 299791
We look forward to your enquiry and bringing
our Pink Racing Pigs to your venue soon.
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                                                         Updated:  28th April 2013