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We do hope that you are enjoying our Pink Pig Racing South West web site.  Pink Racing Pigs is such fun but we thought that you might like to know a bit more about us.

We are The Rotary Club of Dartmoor Vale and are based in Newton Abbot. We run the Pink Pig Racing to help us raise funds for our charitable activities. These can be either Local, National or on occasion international.

The charge we make to run a Pink Pig Race evening after any essential expenses goes into our charity account and is then available to support our work on the projects we choose. If we run an event for you, we are very happy for you to let your guests or supporters know that the payment to us, after any expenses, is a further charitable donation to our registered charity account. We don't generally take any expenses except a contribution to fuel for our van if it's not a local event.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Rotary club please use the link below and take a look at our web site. We are always welcome to new members.






Updated:  3rd March 2020